Learning the language of our body

What have we learned during this month?

Hopefully, we have a new perspective on our body.
When our usual headache kicks in, we can take some time to reflect: “When was the last time I had one? What had happened that is similar to this time? Perhaps I get one when I am stressed and need to keep going even if I would like to rest?”. Sometimes, we might have to take painkillers anyways, because we don’t always have the privilege to stop and listen to our body, or take care of our mind. But some other times, something might change, we could listen to that pain instead than being angry at how it’s stopping us from what we should be doing. By listening to it, and not just hoping it goes away, we could reach a deeper understanding of what we need, and start working in that direction, rather than the one “we are supposed to follow”.

During this past month we have also seen how important it is to take care of the body itself, because a healthy relationship with it helps us with mental distress, and can be vital in a moment like this, where many of us are confined at home: it helps us take a break from the rumination and anxieties of our mind, and reconnect with the physicality of the world, of our surroundings, and ourselves.
Even 5 minutes of exercise per day can make us more aware of how we move in the space around us, and that tells us a lot of how centered we are (too little? too much?).

Our body holds on to our traumas, and taking care of it gives us access to things that still need to be processed. Logging back in the fluidity of movements can heal us from the rigidity of both muscles and thoughts that comes from suffering.

Our body knows. It’s not just a shell or an armor, it listens, it feels, it talks.
When we learn its language, we are learning ours.

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