Physical exercise and mental health

We have seen how our body is interconnected, if not inseparable, with our mind, and how this led to its increased integration in psychology and psychotherapy.⁣

We have seen how the body speaks at a louder voice than the mind, and informs us about our needs, if we are careful enough to listen.⁣

We have seen how it holds on to trauma and is able to remember it, to keep it stored within itself, with tensions, blockages, freezing. ⁣

We have seen how, sometimes, it’s even wiser than our rational and conscious mind, in leading us through some moments with intuition and spontaneity. ⁣

Today, we look at its incredible power in healing us.⁣
Did you know that physical exercise is one of the biggest factors in preventing dementia?⁣
Did you know that it can decrease symptoms of both depression and anxiety, by raising endorphin levels (which is at the base of mental processes such as happiness and euphoria)?⁣
Did you know that it can even improve our memory, by fostering neurogenesis (the creation of new brain cells)?⁣
Did you know that if we learn a movement well, the brain area involved in learning it becomes actually more active? ⁣
Did you know that the increasing in heart rate that derives from physical exercise can reverse the damaging effect stress has on your brain? ⁣

Isn’t it really amazing how taking care of the body has tangible, beneficial effects on our mind? Addressing our wellbeing with an holistic approach, integrating more parts and allowing them to communicate and help each other effectively, can really have long-lasting effects.⁣

And you? In which ways does your body heal your mind?⁣

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