There is still so much to explore about yourself

Empatherapy wants to hear your story

At Empatherapy, we believe everyone’s story is worth listening, and everybody is deserving of attention, care and affection. If you are struggling with an issue, need help or just want to talk about something important for you, contact me.

Find out more about me and my philosophy here.

Individual therapy is the best way to explore those parts of yourself that are intimate, personal and connected to your own story.

Being a student is a great opportunity to learn and open your mind, but can also be a challenging process. Let me help you through it.

Empatherapy offers mini-lectures (for COVID-19 reasons, these are offered online) about interesting psychology-related topics. Be sure to stay updated!


Empatherapy is a psychology practice based in Leiden, Netherlands.
It was founded by Benedetta La Rosa, MSc
to offer psychological support and guidance
to people struggling with mental health.