Is happiness only real when shared?

Happiness is only real when shared” is the conclusive statement of a famous movie.
Christopher McCandless flees conventional society, of which he has increasingly grown disenchanted, and goes to live into the wilds of Alaska, with the only company of books, reflection and himself. Disappointed and cynical about human relationships, he seeks with determination the solitude that allows him to find a deeper meaning, a true connection with something higher, non-material. He seems to have forgotten that “people” does not equal “society”.

Does happiness really need to be shared to be real?
What more profound message is there behind this emotional, powerful scene?
Perhaps not only the need for other people, but also the need to find ourselves, explore our inner world and our limits, before being able to fully share something like happiness with someone else. To fully understand how precious it can be to share and connect with another human being.

We can learn something vital from the message of this movie. When we free ourselves from the desperate need of others and the demand that they would fit our expectations, then we can really share happiness with them, a rediscovered gratitude and sweetness.

This month is all about the delicate relationship with others and how it goes in parallel with the one with ourselves. It’s also about being okey with the vulnerability that stems from sharing anything with someone else.

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