Denial of our time

Today, we talk about denial.⁣

Very similar to repression, it also works by excluding unacceptable thoughts and feelings, but goes further in actively denying them.⁣

“It’s not as bad as it seems” so the event and its consequent emotion are belittled, and assume a different connotation.⁣

A very relevant example is the denial many of us experience towards the climate crisis. It is a natural reaction to something as umbearable and huge as the environment degradation, and, as any other defense mechanism, is there to protect our psyche.⁣

It’s important to give it therapeutic ‘attention’ because what is good for our psyche is not always good for our wellbeing, for our community and for society.⁣

Denial of this state, and the micro-denials that come with it, lead to inaction.⁣

“It’s not as bad as they are portraying it”, “It will be alright” and “There is nothing I can do that will make a difference” are all forms of denial. Optimistc, naive or pessimistic, the goal is always removing something from our sphere of control.⁣

Embracing that control means also embracing a certain degree of powerlessness. This is the complexity we need to progress, and this is why the simplicity of denial can be so effective sometimes.⁣

[Read the article of the Guardian]

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