November theme: Resilience

Here comes our November theme: #RESILIENCE.⁣

The word ‘resilience’ is increasingly (mis)used. ⁣
Originally, it was defined as the mechanical attribute of an object of⁣ “resuming an original shape or position after compression or bending”, and it has been brought to the psychology world with figuratively the same meaning: the ability to “bounce back”, to be unaffected (or mildly affected) by the difficult circumstances that could happen around us.⁣
It’s a quality that helps us face challenges without being overwhelmed by them, keep a positive attitude in the face of struggles and extrapolate a meaning from tragedies. ⁣
So, it’s a great thing right?⁣

Not so fast.⁣

Resilience is, like many other skills, an useful tool that has unfortunately become a simplified slogan. We live in an era of quick solutions and quick emotions, where there’s little time and problems have to be given just enough to be moved aside. It’s a time that favours simplifications and black&white views, because they require less reflection. So, resilience and many other words have been transformed into mantras, taken in their totality and not questioned.⁣

Is it really desirable to ‘bounce back’ from everything? Where do we draw the line between being immune and favouring contamination?⁣

We will have this whole month to reflect on this, Stay tuned!⁣

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