Eulogy of the unconscious – Part 6

The series comes to an end, and together with the last two arguments we also delineate some important take-home messages of the whole book.

First, we go back to the statement “It’s better to enjoy than to live”, trying to explore how the desire has in it a dark part that feeds not on wellbeing but on throwing away. For this purpose we look at a game played by Freud’s grandson, interpreted by several psychoanalysts in a different way.

Then, in the last point we make a tribute to ignorance, namely the disposition of not knowing that we should have while discussing with others, but also the attitude expected from a psychoanalyst when listening to his/her patients. Doubt over certainties, questions over expectations.

Lastly, we go through nine points that made this book inspiring for me, and that I embrace in my profession as a psychologist.

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