Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis

How many times life gives us the impression of moving in circles, rather than straight, towards a destination? 

And how many times those destinations feel like yet another beginning?
There’s not even the time to realise we arrived, and we are already leaving. 

We fantasise about places that we haven’t reached, situations that we haven’t experienced, people that we haven’t met.
We make plans and we convince ourselves we will move linearly towards a goal. 
But that linearity is just an illusion. And a boring one, too.

We move, 
we stop, 
we ponder, 
we go back,
we change plans,
we transition,
we bail,
we reinvent,
we turn around,
we change.

There is a process, much deeper than the one we force on ourselves. And it’s a never ending cycle of integration. 🔄

Certainty, doubt and assimilation.

Thesis, antithesis and synthesis.

It’s a process with meaning, and one goal: learning.
Being better not by gaining more medals, reaching more goals, but by being always a bit different, a bit wiser, a bit more aware, more in contact.

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