The force in interaction

The analyst is the expert in the exploration

The analysand is the owner of the territory

Richard L. Rubens

⁣These words capture that intangible force we experience in therapy; never fully the client’s, never completely the therapist’s.⁣
That force, that has led many of us to liberation, revolution, awareness, is created in the interaction between two, irreplaceable individuals.⁣

⁣There is one of them who comes with ⁣
📔 a story, ⁣
⚙️ a complaint, ⁣
🧩 a request.⁣

⁣🔥 For some these are messy, unclear, all tangled together. There is a raw emotion, something growing inside. It’s almost physical; so, when the therapist asks “where do you feel it?”, at first it’s strange but then the answer is found while searching for it.⁣
“It’s in my hands” and suddenly something blurry starts having a shape, a home, a story.⁣

🌊 For others, it’s words. It’s a definition.⁣
There is a statement, prepared just to unveil what’s safe and leave out the rest. Words reveal and protect, rationalise the emotion. So, if there is a wall between the two, they will both have to look at it. There will be a way around it only together.⁣

⁣With the experience of the one who knows how to move around walls, how to climb them, how to read what’s on them; and the wisdom of the one who created it, and knows what it’s made of, and what’s behind it.⁣

⁣🌞 Therapy happens there, in that space brought by both parts.

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