Online therapy

The Covid crisis, with its consequent lockdown, has increased the number of online services across numerous sectors.

Many psychologists were already working (also) online, but the inability to move led many of them to see clients exclusively online and others to add it to their options.

The same applied to clients: many had already tried it, some had no choice and – whether skeptical or not – searched for an online service.

This increasing need to receive support from a distance moved many to give it a try, and find out the many advantages this form of therapy has.

First of all, the list of psychologists – and therefore possible approach, style, gender, language – becomes potentially limitless.

You live in a small town? You live abroad and would like to use your mother tongue? A great psychologist specialised in anxiety disorders lives two hours away from you and is only available at 8am? You can see them from your couch at home. Or your office at work. Or in your car.

Second, being in a familiar place makes everything easier when we have to open up and embrace our vulnerabilities. 

Being able to sit comfortably, take our shoes off, sit next to a window. The setting is important, but so is comfort.

Third, if you move a lot you can’t change your psychologist every time you change place or skip sessions every time you travel. Therapy needs stability, and sometimes online can be the best means to grant it.

Forth, if the psychologist doesn’t have to rent out a place to offer a service, it will often be cheaper to do it online.

If you are ill, or are hospitalised for long,  have broken your leg… there are endless reasons for considering it.

Life is hectic and not always predictable, and online therapy tries to adapt to those needs, while preserving quality and professionalism.

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