Type of requests to a psychologist

What happens when a person seeks psychological support?

In some cases, it happens that we see a psychologist for an issue the psychologist cannot solve. For example, it’s not that uncommon that people go to ‘take someone else’, figuratively. They report their issues with this person and ask how they can make this person realise their wrongs, or even if they can take that person with them so the psychologist can directly explain what is wrong with them.

In this case the psychologist is assumed to have a magical role, one that allows her or him to fix the events around the client’s life, to change the people around them, and allow a fulfilment that does not rely on the client but on the fact that their environment has changed for the best.

At a higher level of awareness, there is the client who comes with ‘the issue’. It’s something perceived as broken or disruptive, but still external to the person in some way.

“I have insomnia, I want to be able to sleep again. Please help me with this”. Any process of broadening or connection to other issues is avoided, considered useless because the problem has already been identified and the psychologist’s task is to repair or remove it.

At the highest level of awareness, there is a question where the experience is recognised by the client as connected to them, the dissatisfaction is present and is not located elsewhere, but owned by the client who is motivated to change, and wants to find out the deeper reasons of their behaviour.

Any request can reach, with the right help, a higher level of awareness, which means better elaboration and chances for a more profound change.

A life lived more fully, where the person sees themselves clearly, honestly, and with kindness.

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