The wisdom of our body: the state of FLOW

Sometimes the body knows things our conscience ignores.

And this is not only true for somatisation and trauma, it’s not only about expressing what the mind needs or lacks, it’s also much more.

When we approach the concept of FLOW, it’s useful to understand an important difference: the one between instinct and intuition. While the former comes from our past, the needs of our species, and acts within our present, the latter is an out-of-conscience act inspired by the present moment. It’s in the absence of thought that the action happens. 

Think of a spontaneous reaction in tune with the exigency of the external circumstances (maybe something that requires immediate action) or the synchronisation of athletes playing together, or even their abandon when they are fully immersed in the present moment of playing and being moved by something that seems almost external, transcendent to them.

In psychology we refer to this as ‘the flow’ or ‘being in the zone’. 

Taoism calls this ‘action of non-action’ or ‘effortless action’ (Wu Wei).

It’s not only stillness of mind, momentum, but also something that brings us back to the concept of public emotion, an occasion to free ourselves, even momentarily, from our ego. It’s like the emotion is already out there, as well as the action, and we become the intermediary for its manifestation. 

Our body inhabits something wider than our conscience, something collective, inspired and necessary as the present moment.

And this way, it holds a wisdom that our mind is not always capable of.

(Art by Nate Williams on

Watch this video for more information.

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