8 steps to resilience (by APA)

According to the American Psychological Association (2017) there are many ways to increase our resilience. ⁣
1. It’s important to actively foster a sense of self-efficacy (remind yourself of what you are able to accomplish, be helpful to others, make small daily steps to reach your goals).⁣
2. Optimism can really help when in a realistic form, and the ability to reframe events that happened to you in a more positive way.⁣
3. When trying to cope with adverse situations, favour a solution-oriented long-term approach, rather than avoidance, which will only postpone the emotional processing while also making it increasingly harder to handle.⁣
4. Channel your sense of meaning, spirituality and purpose (for example through mindfulness, nature, self-care).⁣
5. Cultivate strong social connections and actively seek and give support.⁣
6. For parents: provide protection, empathy and teach coping strategies and a healthy expression of emotions. Role models are a great idea.⁣
7. Cherish your connection with places and stay connected to your culture.⁣
8. In an emergency situation, don’t only prepare indispensable items, but valuable, meaningful ones that increase your quality of life. Remember that you deserve better than barely surviving.⁣

(This list refers specifically to resilience in times of catastrophes, when negative events are not only happening to us, but pervasively affecting society as a whole. These events can be less immediately traumatic than a personal struggle, but become overwhelming long-term and require patience, preparation and the ability to see the bigger picture. During this pandemic, remember to take care of yourself, you connections, your values.)⁣

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