Resilience vs. Recovery

Resilience vs. Recovery ⁣

We can all agree that dip might look scary, when compared to an amazingly unaffected straight line. ⁣
When experiencing – or even expecting – a trauma, or a struggle of any kind and degree, we can feel as if losing our own grip on reality. We can face apathy, despair, a detachment from meaning. We can feel we are losing ground from under our feet and urge to rush back to normal. To bounce back.⁣

As we saw, most of us experience this at least once in their life. The dip, not the bounce. ⁣
When the pandemic started, many people started to talk about “going back to normal”, and just as many replied “we should not go back to normal, because normal was the problem”.⁣

Here’s the hard truth: only the dip allows revolutions (of the Self, of society, of values). The straight line is an appealing alternative, sure, but as a default reaction, doesn’t it remind you of robots? ⁣
Desperation might make us want to feel like robots at time, impassible and unbreakable, but when the sun starts shining again we might want to face another hard truth: if the bad doesn’t touch us, the good won’t either. ⁣
There’s a price in experiencing emotions, and there is one in floating. ⁣
Sometimes we need to resist.⁣
Sometimes we need to change.⁣

Can we be resilient at all times? Nope.⁣
Can we sink at any trauma? Nope.⁣
Should we find a balance? Yup.⁣

(As usual, let’s leave over-simplifications out of mental health.)⁣

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