Eulogy of the Unconscious – Part 1

During this first episode, we start approaching the concept of ‘unconscious’.First, we look at the innovation brought by the Freudian unconscious, different from previous definitions, and how it interplays with a different concept of man, therapy and fulfilment. Then, we look at the way the external world becomes a primary contributor in our internal one,Continue reading “Eulogy of the Unconscious – Part 1”

Eulogy of the Unconscious – Coming soon

I am excited to inform you that from next Monday, 24th of August, I will be starting my short series on the unconscious. It will be a chance to answer many questions about psychodynamic theory and its implications, to explore concepts that do not only belong to this approach but are useful in the clinicalContinue reading “Eulogy of the Unconscious – Coming soon”

Having better conversations

Having better conversations, according to Umberto Galimberti.⁣(This is a summarised version of a video by Umberto Galimberti that you can find here. Unfortunately it’s only available in Italian.)⁣Opinions are hard to dismantle, because they are the structure on which we built our identity.⁣ If we let go, we feel like falling down, losing what makesContinue reading “Having better conversations”