When you are in need but you think you are in love

Margaret Paul writes on mindbodygreen.com some of the signs we might be in an emotionally dependent state. Here are some: Do you feel that you can’t live without this person? Are you terrified of losing this person? And get anxious when they are not there? Do you feel empty and alone inside unless your partnerContinue reading “When you are in need but you think you are in love”

Pulling too close, pushing too far

Relationships mean vulnerability. We have seen that. There is no possible connection with someone else if we don’t take some risk they might be hurting us. Coming too close inevitably brings more danger. For some people, this is unbearable. Due to traumas and an insecure attachment, it’s really hard for them to let someone inContinue reading “Pulling too close, pushing too far”

I can feel this, and it’s not your fault

Securely attached people don’t fear relationships and vulnerability, they are not scared of abandonment. And why is that? Losing someone we love is painful for everybody, so how come securely attached adults don’t live with this anxiety? The consistency they have experienced in their childhood allows them to unconsciously predict a good outcome, and ifContinue reading “I can feel this, and it’s not your fault”

Repetition and expectations in relationships

Sometimes we might find our current relationship to be oddly similar to a previous one. The people we are dating are different, but some dynamics keep coming up. Why is it so common to repeat patterns in our relationships? Attachment theory gives some important answers to this question.  Since our birth, we start engaging inContinue reading “Repetition and expectations in relationships”

Is happiness only real when shared?

“Happiness is only real when shared” is the conclusive statement of a famous movie.Christopher McCandless flees conventional society, of which he has increasingly grown disenchanted, and goes to live into the wilds of Alaska, with the only company of books, reflection and himself. Disappointed and cynical about human relationships, he seeks with determination the solitudeContinue reading “Is happiness only real when shared?”

Physical exercise and mental health

We have seen how our body is interconnected, if not inseparable, with our mind, and how this led to its increased integration in psychology and psychotherapy.⁣⁣We have seen how the body speaks at a louder voice than the mind, and informs us about our needs, if we are careful enough to listen.⁣⁣We have seen howContinue reading “Physical exercise and mental health”